Reliable Solutions for Your Cat's Behavioral Issues

Correct Your Cat's Behavioral Issues With Our Help

Is your cat experiencing behavioral issues or inappropriate urination? At Cat Tales The Clinic For Cats, we understand how frustrating these issues can be. We will perform a complete examination on your cat and, in many cases, are able to correct these issues. Call us today at 419-868-5287 to schedule your appointment, and let's get to the bottom of your cat's issue.

Why Won't Your Cat Use The Litter Box?

If your cat is not using the litter box, this can be due to various reasons such as medical, behavioral issues, or litter box aversions. These are the three leading reasons that cats choose not to use the litter box.

Dr. French has taken classes and studied inappropriate urination in cats for some time and has found these types of problems both challenging and rewarding at the same time. There are many factors that go into why a cat doesn't use the litter box and how to correct it. He has dealt with this same problem in his home and feels the pain that is involved in this frustrating problem. 

Dr. French will carry out a complete physical exam on your cat and together can hopefully get to a resolution of this issue. Visit these links for more information: International Cat Care, Cornell Feline Health Center, and Feliway.
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